Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Marcus Ryan was twelve years old when he learned how to play the guitar from his Father. For him, music was an important outlet to express himself. He started actually writing his own music at the age of fourteen and borrowed inspiration from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Motley Crew (all of the classics). From there, his interests broadened and he began liking the outlet that heavy metal provided him with, a chance to talk about meaningful life situations in a unique way. At any given time, he’d have Metallica, Anthrax or Slayer pouring through his speakers.

Growing up on blues, which his Dad used to teach him guitar, and moving through his influences there-after provided Marcus with a well-rounded musical background that makes him a force to be reckoned with and heavily impacts his writing style. He loves sharing his passion for music with those around him.

Playing in a few bands for fun, Marcus was always seeking others who shared his passion for real music. When he was twenty-five, he traveled to Florida to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Charlie. While there, he found a studio and started writing and recording his first album, Walk to the Light. You can listen on Spotify. Working on the album gave him a space to vent about general trials and tribulations that he knows everyone can relate to at one point or another.

His friends would describe him as laid-back and soft spoken. His music is a chance to show opposition to this stereotype, allowing him to speak out and be heard for who he truly is.

There is nothing that Marcus writes about that he doesn’t feel a true passion towards. He uses writing as more of a resolution than a weapon, allowing him to share with his listeners not only the situations he’s been personally faced with, but also ways to get through them.